Customized Massages

Jouvence  Asian Gateway

90 min. 1,800  Baht
120 min. 2,200  Baht

A traditional Thai massage, combined with the use of a fresh aromatic oil of your choice and hot compress, to give a dual benefit to your body and mind, improving blood circulation, flexibility of the muscles and helping to dispel tensions.


Deep Tissue

60 min. 1,500 Baht
90 min. 2,200 Baht
120 min. 2,600 Baht

An invigorating, deep pressure treatment that works on releasing muscle tension and knots. The therapist may use hands, elbows and knuckles to release muscular tightness. This is recommended for physically active people as it alleviates aches and pains and keeps muscles supple. Regular treatments recommended.


Therapy Lymphatic

90 min. 1,800 Baht

This treatment improves circulations and lymphatic flow.  Starting with light body brushing to stimulate lymphatic drainage, followed by a deep tissue massage using detoxifying plant oils to break down those fatty deposits.


Balancing Hot Stone

90 min. 2,200 Baht  
120 min. 2,800 Baht                                                                 

The Hot Stone massage is the ideal treatment to detoxify and heal the body, increasing lymph flow and helping to flush out waste. Smooth water-heated basalt stones are strategically applied on key points, imbuing the body with the earth energy and inducing deep calm and relaxation through their therapeutic properties.

*All rates are quoted in Thai Baht and not include service charge and applicable government taxes.


Anti- Stress

45 min. 1,200 Baht

This is a rather firm massage to relieve stress-related tension in the head, back and shoulder areas. Gentle acupressure is our head massage that stimulates blood vessels around that area, resulting in total calmness and relaxation applied to restore a sense of serenity to your interiority.


Thai herbal compres

90 min. 1,200  Baht  
120 min. 1,800 Baht

Traditional Thai herbal hot compress is a complementary treatment used to calm the nerves and give relief from muscle tensions and tendon inflammations. A selection of herbs and spices are harmoniously combined together, tightly bound and infused in steam or hot water. Soothing pressures of the warm herbal balls over the entire body help to improve the balance


Traditional Thai Massage

60  min. 700 Baht
90 min. 1,000 Baht
120 min. 1,200  Baht        

From a tradition of thousand years, Thai massage involves the application of pressure and degree of stretching to the muscles. It also involves prolonged pressure on the meridians of the body without the use of oil (we do not recommend traditional Thai massage to those who have back problems).


Jet-lag  Recovery

60 min. 1,500 Baht
90 min. 1,800 Baht
120 min. 2,000  Baht                                                                                                                                                                                                            

This treatment is ideal, as part of your morning on the day of arrival, or anytime your body needs a kick-start! Using aroma oil massage and strokes to ease away body aches brought  by a long flight or troubling sleep.



60 min. 600 Baht

A powerful and effective healing art based on century old principles that the feet are the “mirror” of the body. Working on the points of the feet, signals are sent that will benefit the body organs. A head to toe sensation of balance and health will radiate from your entire being when your feet return to earth.


*All rates are quoted in Thai Baht and not include service charge and applicable government taxes.